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Charlize Theron Fakes
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Charlize Theron Gets Topless and Pantiless
Charlize Theron Poses Nude In Bathroom
Charlize Theron Picks Out A Blue Toy
Charlize Theron Nude In Public
Charlize Theron Nude Before A Mirror
Charlize Theron Nipples
Charlize Theron Nude Sex
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2013-Apr-5 03:47 - Charlize Theron Gets Topless and Pantiless
charlize theron pantiless fake

Some pics do come so well together. When you look at this Charlize Theron semi-nude fake, you suddenly realize that you have already seen something of that kind. It was a topless girl, too, and her panties were partially drawn down in order to reveal her trimmed camel toe, like these Charlize Theron's panties. And the girl was blonde, too! Yes. Kirsten Dunst can sometimes be seen pantiless, and we have a nice opportunity of comparing Charlize to Kirsten doing very similar things.

2012-Nov-6 04:57 - Charlize Theron Poses Nude In Bathroom
No, Charlize is not just caught nude on camera in the bathroom, she is posing nude there. Again! At least, that is the situation offered by PiPOHiX in one of the most beautiful Charlize Theron nude fakes we know. Do not forget to click it to enlarge!

charlize theron nude bathroom fake

More adorable celebs posing naked in their bathrooms:

2012-Jul-9 02:04 - Charlize Theron Picks Out A Blue Toy
A very hot Charlize Theron fake in which our adorable celebrity makes a choice in favor of a blue-colored dildo. We must admit it fits her shaved pussy perfectly, as well as her gray eyes and blonde hair. A colorful fake image, full of both freshness and heat at the same time.

charlize theron dildo fake

And here's Cameron Diaz, playing with a dildo too. Another hot gray- or even blue-eyed blonde choosing a toy instead of real cock. However, her choice is pink.

2012-May-26 04:53 - Charlize Theron Nude In Public
Being nude is quite natural. After all, everybody is nude under their clothes. It is just a thin layer of fabric which gives us an illusory feeling of looking different from naked people walking around. But the best woman's dress is her own smooth skin, and Charlize Theron only makes the best use of it, appearing stark naked in the street. That gorgeous ass deserves exposing. With the little help from Jamiro ))

charlize theron seen naked in the street

And more! See fake Jessica Simpson showing off her bare boobs in public and Jennifer Aniston getting nude on the red carpet.

2012-Jan-11 03:16 - Charlize Theron Nude Before A Mirror

Charlize Theron gets nude to look at herself in the mirror. And, of course, to let us look at her, and see both her butt and belly button all at once.


charlize theron poses nude in front of the mirror


Kelly Ripa naked before a mirror


2011-Nov-28 01:02 - Charlize Theron Nipples

Variations on the theme of Charlize Theron nipples.

Hardened nipples in puffy breasts presented by Sherminator from YDF fakes

charlize theron exposed nipples


And puffy nipples in firm round tits pinched by an unknown faker

charlize theron pinched nipples


Scarlett Johansson Nipple Play


2011-Sep-25 22:56 - Charlize Theron Nude Sex

Perfectly nude and exposed, Charlize Theron and her man are represented to be having sex outside. A hot nude sex scene by MIXOCATL starring Charlize Theron.

charlize theron enjoys nude outdoor sex


Britney Spears Outdoor Sex


2011-Aug-15 02:11 - Charlize Theron Naked

One more (fake) pic of Charlize Theron lying naked. This time, the action takes place outside, and Charlize is lying on her back on the lawn covered with green grass, having rest after a game of croquet. Perhaps, she is not so easily recognizable as in the previous fakes, but the writing on the pic makes us sure that this naked body was borrowed for Charlize Theron.

charlize theron lying naked on the croquet lawn


Jennifer Aniston Naked Presentation

2011-Jul-6 04:06 - Charlize Theron Butt

A wonderful fake starring Charlize Theron lying naked with her butt exposed. More than her butt! See her cameltoe pussy, too, from behind, while Charlize is trying to show as much of her rear end as possible. A greedy bite of Ironjaw!

charlize theron butt

Mandy Moore Butt

2011-Jun-2 03:46 - Charlize Theron Cameltoe

charlize theron cameltoe

At first sight, you may even fail noticing that Chalize Theron is trying to show you her cameltoe here. She is just sitting on the stairs, with her chin resting on her arms and her eyes fixed in a thoughtful manner at something in the distance. But wait... What is it? Charlize has moved the crotch strap of her panties aside to let you see her sweet cameltoe! And this cameltoe pussy is teasing you with her clit which looks like a tongue tip stuck out between the lips.

More of Charlize Theron Cameltoe!

2011-May-26 05:41 - Charlize Theron Hot

Charlize Theron Hot and Flexible! Sorry, but we doubt real Charlize Theron's ability to stick up her legs like you may see her doing in this fake. It takes years of hard practice and training, and makes anyone hot and exhausted... But, again, fakes may turn any personality into something we could hardly have thought of, and the hotter they get, the hotter we feel.

Drew Barrymore Hot

charlize theron hot

2011-May-5 02:23 - Charlize Theron Fucking

Charlize Theron Fucking, some more hardcore sex from Charlize Theron! We cannot even guess who is fucking whom in this funny fake. Either the guy is fucking Charlize Theron (but the guy seems to be lying still on his back), or Charlize Theron is fucking the guy while riding on his cock and playing with a dildo in addition. The only concusion we are likely to jump to is that Charlize Theron does not like fucking, she loves it!


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charlize theron fucking

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